Matt & Bob Portrait

It was only a 2km drive home that Sunday morning, but it felt like Dad and I were in the car for an hour. Dad had come to pick me up from a friend's house after fleeing the scene 12 hours earlier from accidentally coming out to my parents.

We were around the corner from home when Dad pulled to the side of the road and broke the silence, looked me in the eye and asked "Mate, I am only going to ask one thing... is it true, are you ... gay?", "Yes Dad, I..." and before I could say another word Dad interrupted. "Son, it's all ok, I love you and I will sort it all out, let's get home to your Mum." 

Everything was better than 'ok' and Dad did sort it all out. I never had to really 'come out' as he took care of it all for me. That's my Dad - the one that puts any emotions aside and soldiers on, the one whose family is always first. The person who gives so much to everyone at the sacrifice of himself. He is the most loving, accepting, genuine and hard-working man I know.

My Dad is my mate, my teacher, my mentor. He has taught me so much in my life and continues to show me love and admiration despite any challenges we may have faced. People close to me tell me of the strange 'Bob idiosyncrasies' I adopt as I get older, and if that's true then I'm pretty lucky to be anything like him. 

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