Maarten & Sandor Portrait

My dad's my mate, my pal, my buddy, my homeboy.

My dad's my inspiration. 
He taught me most of the things I know today. He inspired me to take up art direction and design. When I was old enough to walk the earth without holding anyone’s hand, I spent many hours after school in his studio at the advertising agency, watching all the illustrators and copywriters. From a young age this was all I wanted to do. Many years later he gave me the opportunity to do a 3 year course doing nothing but art direction: creating ideas, drawing, writing copy and selling a good (or bad) concept to people. He taught me to "think different". Yes, I'm a daddy's boy, that's a given.

My dad's my mentor. 
He used to sing and play percussion in many bands before and after I was born. We used to have a wall of records with the best there was and probably still is. It wouldn't be a lie if I said he forced music on my brother and I… in a nice way that is. We grew up in the late 70's and 80's and still we were fed with Zappa, Van Morrison, Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers and Focus (look that one up). There was always music in the house and all still love to control the music at work, bars and other social situations. We have good taste in music. I'm allowed to say that. And it's all his fault.

(Of course, my mum played a major part in all of this. But this is not about her.) 

He's the man that picked me up when I missed my bus. 
He's the man that always made sure I had 10 bucks in my pocket to call a cab or make a phone call. 
He's the man that made us crack up when he blamed his shameless farting on our mum. 
He's the man that always makes us feel safe in every situation.
 He's the man that takes care of my mother. 
He's the man I can talk about for hours. He's the man.

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