Joe & Brian Portrait

My Dad once chased a round ball for approximately 3km down a local steep hill after it had slipped between my hands during a game of catch. Doesn’t sound impressive? Well, the old man ain't no De Castella and during this momentous father occasion he was sporting those super wide 1980’s styled thongs.

My Dad always has his top off. Seriously, it could be 5 degrees outside and he’ll be in his trackies, slippers and nothing but his love rug and man boobs.

My Dad once accidentally slammed my sister’s head in the car boot. This is nothing of great significance except we still laugh about it today.

My Dad loves to cook on his BBQ but really has no idea what he is doing. If you ask for your steak to be medium rare, you’ll get it burnt. If you ask for it well done, you’ll get it burnt. If you ask for it blue, you’ll get it burnt. If you ask for… you get the idea.

One thing I can’t fault my father on is commitment. When it came to chasing the ball there was commitment. He is committed to being topless all year round. He is super passionate about his BBQ and committed to serving the best burnt food you’ll ever taste. And my sister's head in the boot...... well, that’s just funny.

My Dad is totally committed to me and my family. He has taught me to respect what I have and to not take things for granted. He has made me laugh, made me cry and made me feel important. I know he is proud of me, like I am of him. He has battled cancer, endured loss, celebrated 39 years of marriage, many jobs and has still come out on top.


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