Davin & Gerard Portrait

My Dad was my mate, and then he wasn't for a while… now he is again. I guess that's what everyone goes through with their parents when they're growing up, in one way or another. 

When I was younger I pretty much thought my dad was a super hero, and he knew everything about everything. I wanted to be just like him in every way.

But I took a lot for granted; like the fact that he took a dead end job and gave up on almost everything he had going for him for the one thing he holds above everything else, his family. 

When I was a little older. I realised that he was just a man and had his limitations. I started exploiting them like some no good punk kid. I rebelled against everything he worked so hard to create by destroying myself with all sorts of unmentionables, at every opportunity. I moved out of home in disgust, glad to be rid of the style cramper, the naysayer.

It then dawned on me, he's not that bad, he sacrificed everything for me, and now I owe him everything, it's an un-payable debt. Now he's much more than just a mate.

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