Andrew & David Portrait

A large part of being an artist is being inspired and influenced. I owe a large part of this to my father. Dad has always been a jazz enthusiast and I was handed a guitar at a young age. Jamming along to his sax most nights was the start of a wonderful creative relationship. Dad’s passion for creativity is not only seen in his music but who he is as a person. It’s not a surprise why so many people are drawn to him and think he is a wild character. He has worked in the heart of Richmond for twenty years and is well known in the community, everyone knows “Dave”. There is always a new story everyday and his smile transfers to anyone who talks to him.
I have always enjoyed hanging out with dad and helping him out with his antique business. As most people know, when you step into the store you are transformed into David’s world. It is a labyrinth of furniture, trinkets and wonderful artefacts big and small. I think his store represents a side of his personality and the way he goes about life day to day.
It’s a beautiful thing to be different. Life is too short to take everything too seriously. We have all gone through problems, some more intense than others but we all consider our problems just as serious as anyone else. My dad has always taught me never let life stress you and get you down, as there is always going to be something positive right around the corner. He has always been there for me in times of glory and in times of pain. I think there is a reason why everyone remembers the bad times as it is a time where your emotions are so vulnerable and when you have someone there like your father to support you it’s something you never forget.
Find the people you love and who inspire you and just enjoy life. That is what my dad has done and I will do for the rest of my life.

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